In-depth day 14: Edit it

I came into university early this morning to get copy all my content from filming onto the computers. A back up as it were and easy access for my editing.

It took almost 2 hours to get everything on and as I waited I started looking through, picking and editing my stills from my time at the Nigerian Synagogue. I realised I needed to get an “establishing shot” of the outside of the Synagogue and the Rabbi and some congregants walking into the premises. Also realised a picture of the Rabbi standing outside or in the entrance would be a good idea to shoot too. So I need to plan when I’m going to get that done – tomorrow or Tuesday should work well.

Finally, the footage had all copied and I decided to get going with some editing so I would have something to show the video mentor, Zaheer in the morning. I spent most of the day finding a bit of music, editing and cutting video footage and syncing the sound. I managed to get 2 minutes and 26 seconds “slapped” together and felt satisfied with what I’d produced.

Yet as the end of my day approached the nerves started kicking in that both the photo and video mentors were going to be unhappy with my work and I might have to redo everything.

My anxiety towards Yeoville has settled but I still don’t enjoy spending my time there – despite the amazing journey and people I have met. That is what makes it bearable: the people, the old Jews who have been living there for over 60 years and the new Jews – my Nigerian brothers and sisters who have been living there for just a couple of years.

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