In-depth day 18: Final day in Yeoville – take two

SAY CHEESE: A giggle and a laugh as Phillip tells a joke during our picture perfect moment. Photo: Ingrid Woolf

SAY CHEESE: A giggle and a laugh as Phillip tells a joke during our picture perfect moment. Photo: Ingrid Woolf

Well the day has come.

All “good” things must come to an end?

Our time was very limited because the KMM social worker had prior commitments and needed to get ready for Shabbat – the Big Shabbat that happens once a year.

Despite the time constraints she was amazing – willing to do having twice or three times over if need be.

I met with my three interviewees: Pessi, Pauline and Phillip who happily received me again.

I must say Phillip is the sweetest man – he is such a character and has the best sense of humour! I think I’m ready to adopt him as my grandfather! ūüėČ

It was a bit stressful… and nerve wracking trying to make sure the camera was positioned correctly and trying to check that all my was¬†in focus… I may have gotten flustered and even went blank a couple of times during the interviews but I managed to get through it.

It was special to spend time with my interviewees again and lovely to hear more about their lives. I love taking a peek into their fascinating life stories. They have so much to give and so much to tell…

Well after a super busy morning, everything worked out and guess what?

It was all in focus – Hooray!

As I sign off from my last in-depth blog there are a few people I would like to thank: Firstly, to Leon, Ingrid and Glenda who made the fiming possible – thank you for the patience, kindness and love shown throughout!

FAREWELL: A quick pic with the lovely Pessi before we head off. A memory that will be forever cherished. Photo: Ingrid Woolf

FAREWELL: A quick pic with the lovely Pessi before we headed on our way. A memory that will be forever cherished. Photo: Ingrid Woolf

To my wonderful interviewees Pessi, Phillip and Pauline – you are so special and touched me in ways I cannot begin to express

To the wonderful Nigerian Jewish community in Yeoville – thank for being so welcoming and open and for teaching me what it really means to have faith – especially Rabbi Obiekwe and Charity.

To Nechama B, for being an amazing mentor. Thank you for all the guidance, encouragement and help all the way through!

To Michael T – thanks for supplying the sound kit! Without your help I would have had ZERO sound and only half a project.

To you, all my wonderful readers. Thank you for joining me on this journey . Thank you for reading and sharing in this exhausting and most of all brilliant experience!

And last but not least to the Man Upstairs – Hashem. Thank You for helping me to get everything together and for the strength to get through it all!

With love,



In-depth day 12: films and stills – “D-Day”

I’ve been trying to process today. I am struggling¬†to express in words what I’ve seen… what I’ve experienced.

This was kindness beyond measure. Something that touched a chord within me – deep within me.

Today… today is the reason why I chose to do¬†journalism.

Today was filming day. It was all planned and ready. Of we went to Yeoville at 7.30am to meet and deliver home-cooked food parcels to members of the Jewish community still living in the area. The aim of the Jewish organisation is to bring home-cooked meals to the Jewish elderly who are unable to cook for themselves.

So today this was our mission: Delivering to the Jewish recipients around Yeoville!

There are about 18 in the area that the organisation knows of.

I had the honour of interviewing three beautiful people during the trip while also chatting with the social worker, Ingrid, who helps to run the organisation. Phil, Pessi and Pauline shared their life stories Рthe happy and the sad, the triumphs and the many difficulties Рand also explained to me why they still lived in Yeoville.

As we left each home – a hug and a kiss on the cheek was shared and a promise of my return to have tea and spend more time with them in a more “social capacity” (in the words of Pessi). I was blown away¬†at¬†the warmth shown and that¬†these people were so willing to give me an opportunity to take a peak into their lives and share in their stories.

I’m a little sad that I didn’t take any photos with each interviewee but I guess the best memories are those you truly feel rather than capture.

Part of the delivery root was to the heart of Hillbrow – a place where not many venture but we did and it was special meeting the people who still do their best to make the best of their lives despite the challenges of living in such a place.

And yet, they are happy there. Their lives are there and as many said, their neighbours (all colours and religions) are always so helpful.

One of my favourite experiences from today was seeing how one of the recipients gives a small donation each time the organisation delivers food as her way of saying thank you despite being elderly and living in difficult circumstances.

There is so much to share and so much to think about. To be honest no blog or words can describe the feelings experienced after such an emotional day.

Today was food for thought and once I’ve gathered my thoughts together properly I will tell you more.

Until tomorrow’s adventure: Good night everybody! ūüôā


In-depth day 10: cameras and conversations

As we build up to filming day (this coming Tuesday!), I have been working hard on perfecting my storyboard which I hope I will be able to stick to loosely at least.

I spent my day driving around Yeoville with my sister who kindly took time out of her Sunday to help me practice my filming. I practiced my camera angling and tried to focus on the shots that could be used on “D-Day”. My main obstacles are keeping the camera still as we drive and using the light to aid me and lighten the driver not darken her.

After a few practice runs and a bit of frustration from my side I finally managed to get the angling and lighting right! There can be miracles… let’s just pray I can get it right first try on Tuesday!

Once that was done, we headed home and once again got confirmation from the Social Worker at Kosher Mobile Meals that everything was set and ready¬†for Tuesday. I must say I’m quite excited to take¬†part of such a brilliant initiative.

After that I called Rabbi Obiekwe to ask him a few questions that I needed clarification on for my written piece. We had a great chat and it ended off with him giving me a blessing for the rest of the Jewish holiday Sukkot which we are currently celebrating.

The rest of the afternoon was spent correcting my “apostrophe abuse”, adding information and taking out the “yucky phrasing” in my written piece. With that Draft number three is finished.

I also called the Jewish archives to organise an appointment to take photos¬†of the old photographs depicting Yeoville in its Jewish hey-days which I will be incorporating into “D-Days” video. Tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday morning are the dates I have asked for. Hopefully my request will be granted!

Well that’s a wrap… until tomorrow’s adventure, I’m outta here!

Arriva Dirche!


In-depth day 5: Snails pace

Today was a little bit of a slow day. Not as productive as I’d hoped but reflecting back on this week, it was good – exhausting but good!

I focused mainly today on figuring out my multimedia and scripting. The process is long and hard but hopefully everything will come together. Working out what will work and what won’t work and how to handle the camera in the car is mildly nerve-wracking because despite practicing a bit, I have one shot at getting this right on “D-Day”.

So to get a feel for the camera, I took a drive with my mom and another drive with my sister to practice angling and keeping it steady.

I spent most of last night and today working on my first written draft about the “Igbo” Jews and my shot list and scripting for the video. Also spoke with the Jewish Charity again about meeting those who will be working with me to get the video off the ground.

Plan for this weekend: Biggest fast of the year tonight and tomorrow and then Sunday will be spent in Yeoville to meet one of my interviewee’s and also going to “check out” how things work when it comes to packing food parcels at the Jewish Charity.

Apologies for the lack of excitement today – at least there no AK47’s this time and it was a “Sugar-daddy” free day!

Wish me luck… I feel like I’m going to need it.

Stay tuned for the next episode coming Sunday! ūüėČ